There can be only so much time, when visiting one city and so much to see. This can be especially true for cruise ship tourists. We have gathered the best Tallinn has to offer. Here is our top 10 places to visit if you happen to find yourself in Tallinn.
#1 – The Old Town

There is a lot to be said about the old town of Tallinn. After all, it is the oldest and the most well preserved mediaeval city in northern Europe. During the summertime, the old town becomes the main tourist attraction to the many cruise ship tourists and travellers alike. Every little street in the old town is unique. Its history spans through millennia. Throughout its life, the old town of Tallinn was constructed by Danish, German, Swedish and Russian architects. It is truly a marvelous place to behold. Trust us, when we say this you haven’t seen Tallinn if you’ve never been to the old town.
#2 – Toompea Hill

Toompea hill is considered to be part of the old town of Tallinn. But it is also a lot more than just that. The castle is located on a natural Hill, which is situated within the old town itself. Throughout Tallinn’s history, the rulers of these lands used to choose this place as their local throne. And no wonder, because from multiple viewing platforms that are located on the hill you can see the entire city as if it was on the palm of your hand. All the modern government institutions are located out there as well but all of them reside in the mediaeval buildings and blend seamlessly with the beautiful architecture of 16 and 17 centuries.
#3 – Kadriorg Winter Palace

A gift, which was left from the old Russian Empire times the Winter Palace is truly a wonder to behold. Constructed by Peter the Great and named after Catherine the great, Kadriorg is now a museum of classical art. The Winter Palace itself is surrounded by beautiful gardens and lush green environments, all of which respond to the 18 century Baroque architecture.
#4 – Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum

If you want to get acquainted with true Estonian history and culture, The Rocca al Mare open air museum is the best place to go. The subtle beauty of an old wooden village, located on top of a Seacliff, will take you back to the 18 century. There, you will see beautiful little wooden houses with thatched straw roof tops, traditional Estonian windmills and events with games dances and singing, that are so distinct to Estonian culture.
#5 – Song Festival Grounds

The song festival grounds hold a special place in Estonian history and society. It was there, that the first real national awakening started to happen, it was there that the country regained its independence in 1991 and it is there that every five years hundreds of thousands Estonian people gather to celebrate that historical event. The grounds themselves have a very distinct rare architectural style, which speaks grandeur to those that have the ears for listening.
#6 – Tallinn TV Tower

You cannot get higher than this. The TV tower was constructed by the USSR as part of the preparation for the 1980 summer Olympics. Recently, it was renovated and nowadays it is a modern viewing platform with a museum a restaurant and glass hatches, looking down on the world.
#7 – Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

The seaplane Museum is a beautiful collection of historical ships. The size of the seaplane hangar is very considerable. Out there you will not only find you to fall ships from 19 and 20th centuries, but also a collection of weaponry, which was used during the second and first world wars. The museum offers guides with an entertaining story about the maritime life in Estonia.
#8 – Patarei Old Soviet Sea Fortress-Prison

There are legends about the Soviet era, especially about its prison system. The chilling atmosphere of the so-called battery prison can be overwhelming, but also exciting in its own way. Most of the artifacts were left untouched and, sometimes, you can almost feel a cold wind of GULAG.
#9 – Tallinn Zoo

The Zoo is very fun for children and adults alike. Visiting the Tallinn zoo is a perfect way to spend quality time. The zoo has a separate area for children where they can actually interact with animals in a way that is both educating and fun.
#10 – Tallinn Balloon

Located near the cruise ship harbor, the Tallinn balloon is an incredibly fun way to get acquainted with the city, when you take your first step out of the cruise ship. If you don’t fear heights, this can be an incredibly fun activity.

Naturally, one cannot get fully acquainted with the city without proper guidance. And to do that, Reval Tours recommends to rent a personal guide, to take you through the most amazing sights of Tallinn.

Have a great time in Tallinn!

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