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Estonia is a country, where international cuisine truly shines. Estonian people have their own traditional food, but they don’t feel any restraint when it comes to good quality catering. The traditional food is very simple a lot of potatoes, cabbages, pork and of course the all time Estonian favourite sprat.
Naturally, Estonians themselves are not fully satisfied with only traditional food. The city of Tallinn has almost any type of restaurant with any type of cuisine. Asian, Russian, French, Italian, exotic – you name it. There will almost certainly be something especially tuned for your tastes. Here are just a couple of examples. We’ve gathered a list of local favourites.

When it comes to high cuisine in Tallinn, there is certainly every type represented. Here is a list of absolutely best restaurants in Estonia. These places are not just catering points for tourists. They have earned the reputation of absolute favorites amongst the local people as well.
Olde Hansa – is very stylistic. The mediaeval atmosphere of a mediaeval tavern attracted tourists for many years. The food is also very stylized but lacks perfection of haut cuisine. But the overall aura, location in the city centre near the town Hall Square currently makes this place a number one destination for travellers.
Tchaikovsky – certainly not the cheapest place but every bit of food served there is an exquisite gourmet masterpiece. The Tchaikovsky restaurant is located right in the city centre at a Telegraph five-star hotel. As the name suggests cuisine is Russian.
Restaurant Hermitage – another restaurant that deserves a special mention. This place combines French and Russian cuisines that beautifully blend with each other. The prices are pretty average but the servers and the quality of the food is extraordinarily high.
Restaurant Mix – for those people, who like to try the best of what the international cuisine has to offer this is the perfect place to go. Well below average in terms of prices and food quality, restaurant Mix offers a great opportunity for an undecided customer.
Korsaar – a pirate restaurant. The atmosphere and the food are very exotic. Even the bathroom looks like a pirate chest. As for the food, there are pieces which you will not be able to find anywhere else in Tallinn. This restaurant likes to charge a little extra for its atmosphere. But every minute spent, you will know where that money went to.
Restaurant O – there have been many attempts to modernize Estonian national cuisine. But in our humble opinion, only one restaurant managed to do so. Scandinavian, contemporary, modern all these words resonate with this extraordinary kitchen.
Balthasar – did you know that there are more than hundred ways you can cook garlic? If you like garlic, than this is certainly the place to go. An all garlic restaurant Balthasar even offers garlic ice cream. And don’t worry the dish much tastier than the name.
Bocca – there is a certain type of people who simply can’t enjoy anything but great Italian was seen. Bocca is the best Italian food you can find in Estonia.
Chedi – high Asian cuisine at its apex. This is also a great place to have a business dinner. The restaurant interior is minimalistic and elegant.
Restaurant Clazz – probably the most musical place that you can find. Every weekend there is a live band playing jazz swing and bossa nova music. People sing and dance salsa and the band rocks the crowd all night long.
Bars & Pubs

Bars and pubs are a speciality of Estonian people. Guess where the natives spend their Fridays. Here is a list of great bars and pubs favored not only by tourists but by the locals as well.
Hell hunt – this bar is almost legendary amongst the natives. Indeed, there is nothing critical that can be said about this place. For the prices that it offers (fairly above average) you get great value and a wonderful atmosphere.
St. Patrick – there are more than a few Irish pubs in Tallinn but the St Patrick’s earned its reputation as being the number one. Everything that implies goes with it. Live rock ‘n’ roll music, busy drunken brawls, and memories that will last you a lifetime.
Scotland Yard – as the name implies the soul of this pub is Great British. Right near the front entrance there will be a Scotland Yard officer greeting you. Prices are fair and the atmosphere is welcoming despite the name.
Depeche Mode Bar – this place is the most popular among foreigners. It probably has a better reputation outside Estonia. It is a very nice and decent lays where you can meet new people and have a great time.
Beer Hourse – get ready people because it’s Oktoberfest all over again. It’s a German styled tavern that brews its own beer. And yes, there will most certainly be ample ladies with revealing dresses carrying six glasses of beer at the same time.

If you like the quiet romantic atmosphere of a cafe, Estonia will not disappoint. Cappuccino, espresso, latte or maybe some Americano? Here is a list of all the best places you can get all of these, plus a little extra. We will try to keep this list short purely out of great respect three most beloved cafeterias.
Josephine Café – not just coffee. The speciality is cup of hot chocolate and mile from this place. Take a look inside and you will find yourself in a cosy little French cafeteria listening to Edith Piaf enjoying a cake and a cup hot chocolate. Your life will become a sweet as sugar.
Lounge 24 – located in a Radisson hotel on the 24th floor, nothing will give you a view of the city as magnificent as this place. This is a great place for a business lunch as well as a romantic break.
Maiasmokk – not just the oldest working cafe in Estonia but almost a legend. This place was working from 1864. But it is not just a cafe, it is a museum of Marzipan, an Estonian invention for that matter.

Not all fast food is unhealthy. You will be surprised to how far the rigid term fast food was taken in Estonia. And no, there will be no McDonald’s in this list.
Estonian burger factory – probably, the best burgers you can find in Tallinn. The meat real the food is natural and the service is excellent.
Sushi cat – if you like sushi, you’ll most certainly go along with this place. The atmosphere the food all top notch.
Lido – Lido is an extremely successful chain of Latvian restaurants where customers design their own dishes. It is sometimes referred to as the Swedish table. All the food is out there and ready to go on your plate.

There is certainly a lot more to choose from. Our compilation is something that we would choose for ourselves and our guests the same time. A lot of food in Estonia is organic. At least the part that can grow successfully within this cold climate. A very special product is something that is essential on every table in every house in any part of the world – dark bread. Estonians really love their bread. They make sure, that it is prepared according to the old ways. There are thousands ranches and farms in Estonia, that produce dark crispy bread. Other essential product in Estonia is milk. Among the neighboring countries, Estonia is very known for its dairy products. Again, the large amount of farms and villages in Estonia contribute to that enormously.
For a true food lover finding something special in Estonia is not going to be a problem. We hope, that this little guide gave you some insight into the world of food in Estonia.
Have a delicious visit!

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