This is a simple guide on most of the private tours in Tallinn. If you’re looking at this article, there is a good chance that soon enough you will be riding a cruise ship and one of your stops will be Estonia. Estonia is definitely one of the hidden pearls amongst the European cruise destinations.
Tallinn is a wonderful little city to have a shore excursion. Just a few miles away from the cruise port, stands the magnificent old town of Tallinn. The old of Tallinn is a mediaeval city, which means that it holds a lot of secrets, legends and history waiting to be told. Getting a good guide is absolutely essential to have a successful Tallinn tour. In the summertime, cruise ship tourists in Tallinn get 5 to 6 hours total to explore the city. If spent wisely, these 5-6 hours should be more than enough to get acquainted with the city, and perhaps, to fall in love with.
Reval Tours offers two types of private shore excursions in Tallinn. These are called the “shore adventure” and “shore excursion”. The main difference between the two is the length of the tours as well as places visited.
Shore Adventure

Is a very deep and comprehensive tour, it lasts five hours total. Almost all of your time in Tallinn will be spent with your personal guide. This tour also includes a visit to historical singing grounds and the magnificent Kadriorg Winter Palace. You will have a personal car or a minivan to take you to those places for the first two hours. Of course, spending a day in Tallinn must include the old town as well. The next three hours will be a walking tour in Tallinn. In the middle of the walking tour you will get one hour of free time upon request. This free time can be useful if you want to get something to eat or visit the nearest antique shop. The tour includes a two-way transfer from the port and back.
Shore excursion

This is the most popular kind of Tallinn city tour amongst tourists. It includes a three-hour walking tour within the old town of Tallinn, after which your personal guide will give you two hours of free time to roam around the old town. You will have transportation from Tallinn port to the old town and back.
Old town classical tour

This type of tour has the lowest price. Its duration is only two hours and it starts in the old town. No transfers are included. Be sure, that you can make it to the old town and back by yourself. It is difficult to depict all the “must see” places and sights in Tallinn – there are such a variety of!

These Essential Packages offer the Best things that city brings to the table in a two hour strolling outing. History, Culture and Best places to see and visit are right here!

You will most likely have the capacity to “get around” and “tell about” Tallinn after this fundamental visit!

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