Tallinn is a wonderful sight to see. But for the especially curious it is also a sight that requires a special touch. That special touch is a Tallinn city tour. Private Tallinn city tours are very popular amongst the people who visit the country for the first time. After all, it is amazing how much history and culture can one find in such a small place. There are six major tour types that one could go for in Tallinn. Reval Tours offers every one of them. But how different are they? In this article, we will try to compare six different types of Tallinn city tours.
Shore excursion

This city tour is especially suited for those who come to visit Tallinn on a cruise ship. It includes a two-way transfer from the cruise ship port to the old town and back. The cruise guides know what cruise tourists require. They give a great overview of the city and keep the tour entertaining at all times.
Old town classical tour

It is difficult to depict all the “must see” places and sights in Tallinn – there are such a variety of! This Essential Package offers the Best things that city brings to the table in a two hour strolling outing. It is perfect particularly for the individuals who are going through Tallinn briefly. History, Culture and Best places to see and visit are right here! You will most likely have the capacity to “get around” and “tell about” Tallinn after this fundamental visit!
Full experience

Especially suited If you are out there for all the information. There is a special tour for you. A wonderful sequential story with a plunge into the city’s most antiquated time, the start of it’s exceptionally presence. An intelligent outing through Tallinn’s most fascinating times: Hanseatic, Nordic, South German and Russian. The account of this astonishing city is served in the most amazing way! History has never been this intriguing!
The mystery of white nights

This is a special type of tour. It has legends stories torches and a hilarious guide who will take you on a rollercoaster of vast exploration. This tour will be especially fun for the younger audience that sometimes lacks patience for long boring history lessons. No. This tour is more like a show.
Rocca Al Mare open air Museum

Do like the country. If yes this tour will be absolutely perfect for you. Get a look of genuine Estonian farmland and town life in Estonian Open Air Museum! Rocca al Mare is a genuine Estonian town with 12 ranches, and in addition its own congregation, bar and school building dated once more to nineteenth century.
Kadriorg and Pirita

Perfect for art lovers. Kadriorg is the previous summer living arrangement of the Russian Czar`s family fabricated by Peter the Great and identified with Catherine I. You will respect the most loved resting spot of the city inhabitants – the radiant Swan lake with numerous blossoms and dynamite sights. The extravagant Kadriorg Palace implicit Baroque style was outlined by a draftsman Niccolo Minchetti in 1718, inherent 1729 and revamped in 2000. Additionally you will see Presidential Palace, Song Festival Grounds, Pirita Beach territory and St. Bridget`s Convent Ruin

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