A tourist once said – “Tallinn is like the real Disneyland”. Couldn’t be put more accurately. Adding to the kings and knights atmosphere of the old Tallinn, are hundreds attractions and activities all throughout the city. You can ride a balloon, climb a 127m. spire, visit an underground dungeon filled with mediaeval torturing equipment or simply participate in an archery contest.

There are many new ways to explore the Old Town. On foot exploration could be replaced by interesting alternatives. Tallinn Old Town is a pretty big district. In fact, it is the largest midieval town in northern Europe. The streets are not linear or symmetrical. So, the real fun starts, when You are a little bit lost 😉
Here are the more popular activities you can find in the city…

The Old Town

This is a must for any traveller, who plans to visit Tallinn. The old town is the historical center of Estonia and the most beautiful place you will find in Baltics or Scandinavia. There are a lot of things you can do in the old town, but as a start you can simply walk around go to the lower city visit the market on the town Hall Square take one of two streets to the upper city and enjoy the view from multiple viewing platforms. The old town itself is filled with museums and souvenir shops restaurants and hotels. They all work very hard to keep tourists entertained. Better yet, take a private Tallinn city guide to show you around the city. The history of the old town spans through an entire millennia. Tallinn guides are very keen on legends, history and amazing stories from the ancient times.
Start at the Town hall

The town hall is located at the very center of the old town of Tallinn. It is also known, as the oldest working town hall in Europe. Back in the mediaeval times it was a Treasury, where the two Dragons are still watching over the treasures hidden inside. Today, many official ceremonies document signings or even weddings take place inside the town hall. Town hall also works as the museum of mediaeval history of Estonia. Take your time to get a couple of tickets and explore everything from the basements to the higher floors, where lavish merchants and city Masters used to live and trade their goods.

Visit the St Catherine’s passageway

St Catherine’s passageway is a small cozy little street, which features an old 15 century monastery that was destroyed after a gunpowder incident. The street is also famous for being a home to multiple workshops. Painters, glassblowers, potters; there is even a stained glass workshop where you can watch masters perform their craft every day in front of the live audience. Since everything is handmade in these workshops, getting a souvenier is also an good option. Many of them collaborate with famous international companies, like Tiffany’s. Not to mention, that there is only a handful of such masters left in the world, who can actually remember the secters of this ancient art.
As an option, Rent a Segway

Have you ever tried to ride a Segway? It is incredibly easy and fun. This method of transportation is incredibly well suited for the cobblestone streets of the old town of Tallinn. Instead of walking, you can explore an entire city in just two hours. If you’re afraid, that riding a Segway is difficult, your fears are well misplaced. Thanks to the physics of hygroscope inside the Segway, it becomes virtually impossible to fall over. There are also a lot of tours being done through the old town using Segway as transportation method.

St Olav’s church

This church has a special place in Estonian history. After its construction was complete, it became the tallest standing structure in the world. It could have remained so right until the construction of the famous Eifel’s tower in Paris. Unfortunately, the church was so tall that it was struck by lightning for many times over… These days, during the summertime, everyone who wishes can climb up the church to get a beautiful panoramic view of the city. You can climb the church, using a tiny spiral staircase; just be careful not to exhaust yourself before getting to the top.

Freedom Square

You would be amazed, how much life you can find on the freedom Square. This large area frequently becomes the place for concerts, theme parks, parades or simply teenagers working out their latest skateboarding tricks. Beside the square is a tall glass monument, that is called the freedom Cross. A smaller version of such crosses was given out to Estonian freedom fighters in the Estonian War for freedom from 1918 to 1920.

A train called Thomas

This can be especially fun for children. Every once in a while you can easily run into a blue train, that goes round and round the old town. It is otherwise known as “rail tours” although the train itself doesn’t use any rails and is free to go wherever it wants. The tours usually starts near the town Hall Square and the tickets on the train are not very expensive.

Participate in an archery contest

Tallinn has a beautiful legend about a small boy called Thomas. In his age Thomas was a small boy who illegally participated in an archery contest and to everyone’s surprise won. It turned out, that small Tomas was so good at archery, that he was later accepted into a military academy where he stood out among other students so well, that by the end of his life he was known as the guardian of Tallinn. Would you like to try and follow Tommy’s footsteps? The old town features many archery ranges where you can test your skill. This activity can be especially fun for children.

There is a lot more to do… Have an great trip to Estonia!

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