If you’re worrying about having trouble finding an Internet connection in Estonia – rest assured, your concern is displaced. Estonia is one of the most well connected countries. The IT infrastructure is so well developed, that today there is not a single spot on the map of Estonia that doesn’t have Internet. The entire country is covered with 3G and 4G networks. No matter what hotel are you staying in, you will have a free Wi-Fi 99% of times. In the city center you will find Wi-Fi hotspots overlaying each other. And the good news is, most of them are free. The Internet in this country is not just free or dirt cheap, but it is also lightning fast. The country is so dependent on Internet, that having constant solid connection is almost as vital as having water or electricity.
Wi-Fi is good, but having an Internet access everywhere and not being dependent on staying in one place is better. In Estonia, you can cheaply buy a SIM card with a 3G or 4G access in order to stay connected everywhere. In this article, we will try to compare the mobile operators and Internet services they provide to give you a good overview of the whole situation. Overall, there are four large mobile operators in Estonia and a handful of simple cards that you can simply buy in a kiosk if you’re on the go. Below, you can compare all the prices for both mobile operators and stand-alone sim cards. Average dataplan for 4G can vary from 3GB to 100GB with prices from 9 to 35 EUR respectively.

If you’re planning to stay in Estonia for long and wondering how much does a broadband cost. Average speeds can vary from 1Mbit to 500Mbit with prices from 12 to 35 EUR respectively.

As you can see, the finding a connection to the Internet in Estonia should not be a problem. If you still don’t want to go through all that hassle, you can simply rant a tablet that is already connected to the Internet. You can do it in the airport, train station, ship port, a hotel and pretty much in any information center.

Good luck in Estonia and stay connected.

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