Family Day Trip

Family Day Trip
Spend an unforgettable day with family!

Family trip is a wonderful way to introduce you and your children the beautiful places of Estonia and spend fantastic time together! Trip starts on Tartu road and lets you to discover the beauty of Estonian nature, visit a must-see attraction of Estonia – Witches’ Well, meet domestic and wild animals in Polli Zoo and feel the ancient way of life in Viking`s Village!

Some places we visit:

Blue Springs of Saula. In Kose parish there is Saula village, where misterious blue springs – Sinniallikad can be found. Three amazing springs with the total flow of 20-30 litres per second emerge in the riverbed of Pirita river. Each of the springs can be characterized by its specific colour – greenish-blue, brownish-black and greyish-blue. The springs discharge water with the all-year-round temperature of 5 ºC. There are several folk legends about why the springs are blue, in fact the blueness is caused by blue clay dregs. The water of the springs has been believed to have healing power. However, the water was not for free to take. You had to throw a coin or two into the spring. If you did not, it was believed, the guardian of the spring, Siniallika Tölp would come and get you…

Family Day TripWitches’ Well. Located in Tuhala, Northern Estonia, Witches’ Well has fascinated people for thousands years with one of the most unique natural phenomena in Estonia. Most of the time the 2.5 meters deep well looks totally normal, but after heavy rains it starts spouting up water and floods the entire area. The local population has been blaming this strange occurrence on witches. Scientists say the bizarre phenomenon occurs when the underground Tuhala River can’t handle the volume of water gathered from rainfalls, but the people of Tuhala don’t want an explanation, they like living in a world surrounded by magic. Whether you choose to believe that witches are behind the flooding of Witches’ Well, or you believe it’s nothing more than a perfectly explainable natural phenomenon, Witches’ Well remains a must-see attraction of Estonia!

Polli Zoo is situated about 33 km from Tallinn, near Tuhala Witches` Well on the Polli Farm fields. Nice and sympathetic owner of the zoo offers educational visits for her guests. She introduces you every inhabitant of her zoo. You can see and touch several types of domestic and wild animals and birds, ride a pony and taste an ice-cream.

Family Day TripEstonian Viking Village is located on an ancient and mysterious area on the beautiful bank of River Pirita. Estonians have settled in their present area already from the ancient times. Since then Estonia was “a house beside the road” or a staging post. The trade-routes between Northern Europe, through Russia East to Persia, passed through here. Usually trade with Scandinavia happened like this: They came with some ships, each with 30 men on board. Once ashore, they first looked around, and if it was possible, they started robbing people. If they weren’t any stronger than the Estonian people, they began trading with them instead. The purpose of Viking Village lies in promoting the feeling of the ancient way of life. Leaders of the Village offer their guests some piece of mind and a possibility to become aware of themselves and the environment, to step out of today’s fast life style and discover a Viking hidden within. Also you can catch yourself a trout for lunch here!

Family Day TripTOUR INFO

DURATION ca 6-7 hours
START AT 9:00 a.m.
Minimum number of participants is 2

PRICE 169 EUR / 2 adults + 1 child
Additional person: 19 EUR

– Transportation by comfortable car or minivan
– Personal trip only for Your family
– Personal English speaking guide
– Entrance tickets
– Small snacks and drinking water on the way
– Printed materials about places we visit
– A CD with pictures of Estonia as a gift
– Surprise for small tourists
– Raincoats if necessary
NB! Lunch is not included!