Tallinn never sleeps. Estonian nightlife is very rich and full of cheerful atmosphere. If you are wondering what is the best nightclub in Tallinn, then this article is for you. We’ve split everything that the Estonian life has to offer into five different categories. There are certainly a lot of places in Tallinn to choose from. However, we have selected the best the city has to offer. So, here Is our list of top places to spend a memorable night.


There are many nightclubs in Tallinn. The best of them are located within the city centre or in the old town itself. No matter how old are you, all what are your musical preferences there will certainly be a place that matches your tastes.
Club Hollywood – This is sometimes considered to be the hottest and the most popular nightclub in Tallinn. Its location in the city centre, energetic atmosphere, hip-hop, R&B and dance music have earned it a reputation that in the recent years became very solid. The public of this club are generally young people in their 20s or 30s.
Club Privé – smart casual is typically the dress code for this club. Inside you will find an atmosphere, which is exclusive and classy. The club often features remixed popular music. The inhabitants of this nightclub are smart, well-to-do people who will embrace an intelligent conversation. The club welcomes people of all age categories.
Nightclub cafe Amigo – meant to be a club for a more mature audience, the nightclub cafe Amigo celebrates the atmosphere of hot tropical islands and palm trees, with friendly people, who are looking for some good time. The theme of the music is catchy and sometimes nostalgic.
Nightclub Teater – this nightclub is located in a theatre building on the basement floor. As the name implies, the club has a very cabaret-ish atmosphere. A lot of times the club will put on show hot Gogo dancers. People of all ages can be spotted inside the club. And the variety of music makes this place ideal for just about everyone.
Venus club – the Venus club is probably one of the oldest and the most diverse places out there. It is almost legendary in some circles. What makes this club so unique is that every day there is a special program or a special visitor, coming in to entertain you. Most of the time, you will need people in their 30s. The music varies from show to show.
Club Korter – this little club at first strikes you as a rather underground establishment. The crowd is usually well under their 25s and the music features dark rhythms and violent pulses. Still, it is a pretty much civilized place with a good bar and a wide variety of drinks.

Cocktail Bars

If you’re thinking of a place, where you can sit down and enjoy a cocktail or a beer, then Tallinn has loads of them. There were so many to choose from but we decided to accept only the best.
Chicago 1933 – as the name suggests, this lounge has a distinct style of America during its prohibition years. The interior is absolutely fantastic for the fans of the genre. The prices are adequate and the music contributes to the atmosphere nicely. Sometimes, the place even has some live music to spice things up.
Von Krahl – if you are not a big fan of mainstream music, you’re going to love this place. It has very reasonable prices and a very friendly underground atmosphere.
Butterfly lounge – when visiting the butterfly lounge, you cannot help to think that this place was designed primarily for the ladies. Soft couches, waiters in pink and a very sensual musical playlist – all these things contribute to the overall atmosphere, which ladies will definitely enjoy. There is a wide variety of cocktails and the prices are reasonably fair.
Déjà vu – the déjà vu lounge is certainly above average when it comes to class and menu. When visiting the lounge, one cannot help to think, that they are a dignitary of ambassadorial proportions, visiting another champagne party.
Lounge 24 – if you like tall buildings and incredible views, you are most certainly going to love this place. Located on a 24 floor of the Radisson high-rise, this place can be both romantic and businesslike. It is completely up to you what will you make of it.
Suite Lounge – this lounge is the classiest establishment Tallinn has to offer. Not because at Marbella and not because it is located in the basement of a 14th century cobblestone building in a first five-star hotel in Tallinn, but simply because you want to find anything better. And it’s not just the white leather couches or the glossy black floor that make up the overall atmosphere. The service, the staff, the menu, the drinks (and yes the prices) – all these things have highlife written all over them.

Tallinn has a fair deal of casinos scattered all over the city. If you’re a born risk taker, here is a good list of establishments that will leave you smiling no matter what the result will be. Keep in mind, that in Estonia one needs to be 21 years old to gamble.
Casino Grand Prix – this casino chain has a wide variety of gaming choices. The two best ones are located at the city center. These halls have everything a classical casino needs to have roulette poker as well as a great deal of machines.
City casino – this new casino chain recently had a few good breaks. It is now considered to be the fastest evolving gaming operator in the country. It has the newest equipment and its open 24 seven.
Olympic casino – the Olympic casino is the oldest and the biggest casino chain in Estonia. It has a proven track record and a good reputation. The casinos are spread all around the city and there is a great deal of them in the city center.

Sometimes, after having a couple of cocktails and if the company is great, you just need to go and sing your soul out to the nearest karaoke bar. Luckily, Tallinn gives you that opportunity in more ways than just one.
Laif restaurant and karaoke club – recently, became the most popular karaoke club in Tallinn. It has the best equipment, menus and crowds. There is a big selection of songs in many different languages, which makes a pretty good chance that you will find something close to your heart.
Satumaa Karaoke Bar – people from Finland simply adore this place and everyone else simply adores having to listen when people from Finland sing. If you’re looking for a good story to tell your friends, simply have a couple of glasses of beer and had on to this karaoke bar. It is almost guaranteed, that you will have a good laugh and a good memory to go with it.
Gelsomino Karaoke – if you’re having your worries about having to listen to those drunken people trying to perform their favorite song, this place is specifically designed to solve that problem. It has a very strict face control, which means, if you’re too drunk, then you are most probably not welcome. Other than that the prices are a little bit too high. If that doesn’t bother you, good time is guaranteed.
Gay Clubs

For people of uncommon tastes, the city of Tallinn is well geared up to meet your demands. Here are some of the gay bars, that earned the best reputation among the communities.
G. Bar & Gayclub – a small club with a cozy relaxed atmosphere and a favorite place of the local communities. On weekends the dance floor is open.
Club 69 – club 69 was designed especially for LGBT community the club can hold up to 40 people and has a sauna.
Ring club – extremely close to the city center, this cozy little club is open for gay man although women are allowed on Fridays as well.
X-baar – a busy place with the dance floor, which is open on weekends, this little bar welcomes not only gay people. A friendly bar, with an open door to policy for everyone.

Tallinn’s nightlife offers a lot of pleasures especially on the weekends and for somebody looking to have a good time there will certainly be something especially suited just for them.
Enjoy your night in Tallinn!

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