Peace and tranquility are the keywords, which resonate with Estonia. But to feel them, one should really take a day trip in Estonia. Estonia has a lot of places of historical significance and breathtaking beauty. The main destinations, however, bear the same rout. Reval Tours offers all classical day trips in Estonia. Below, you can find the tours and comparative descriptions to help you make up your mind.
Shore Adventure

Shore Adventure Works great for cruise ship tourists. Especially, if you don’t have any idea how should you occupy your 5 to 6 hours of free time on Tallinn shore. The day trip lasts five hours, that will be spent with your personal guide. It is a great introductory to a country that you may have never heard about before.
Lahemaa Day Trip

The daytrip lasts eight hours. Here you can find the sparkle of brilliant shorelines and shores, solid shades of green pine woods, robust stones and stunning quality of the untamed ocean! Lahemaa National Park is the most seasoned and biggest national stop in Estonia. It was created in 1971 to secure and speak to average North-Estonian scenes and the social legacy of the range. Your personal guide with be with you through all the day.
Haapsalu Day Trip

The daytrip is eight hours long. On this captivating excursion, we will travel westwards from Tallinn to tranquil and beguiling town called Haapsalu with a legend-soaks environment. At the point, when strolling the many-sided framework of limited boulevards we will see an Episcopal Castle, perfect promenade and the most beautiful track station in the nation.
Virumaa Day Trip

Virumaa is the longest day trip Reval Tours offer. 10 hours long . Amid 10 entrancing hours we will visit 2 regions found eastwards from Tallinn. On this visit the diversities meet up in view of the complexity between way of life in capital and different regions. By taking this visit you will have a plausibility to find the easternmost piece of Estonia and entire European Union. There are 3 fundamental focuses we propose you to visit: Rakvere fortress, Kohtla-Nõmme mining historical center (yes, its arranged underground!) and Pühtitsa Convent.
Family Day Trip

This is an ideal vacation for a family. The daytrip lasts 6 to 7 hours. Family outing is a grand approach to present you and your kids the excellent spots of Estonia and fraternize! Excursion begins on Tartu street and lets you to find the excellence of Estonian nature, visit an absolute necessity see fascination of Estonia – Witches’ Well, meet household and wild creatures in Polli Zoo and feel the antiquated lifestyle in Viking`s Village
Evening Trip

Amongst the old day trips this one is the shortest . As it starts in evening time it’s only natural that It lasts for only four hours. At the point when nightfall falls and the first star starts to twinkle in the late spring sky, it is the best time to find shrouded fortunes of enchanting Harjumaa nature and go through extraordinary night with your companions, family or adored individual! Nighttime trip from Reval Tours offers an awesome chance to make a touch with Estonian nature. You will appreciate ideal minutes in the edges of Tallinn, respect an incredible perspective from Türisalu bank, take a wonderful stroll in the Keila-Joa park, meet a sentimental first light and make a grill at ocean side.

Whether you are coming on a cruise ship or having a corporate evening Reval Tours will be ready to attend. Our approach is of course the one with a more personal touch. So in case you have any enquiries feel free to contact us at any time.

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